Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Leap For Love

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I come from a female dominant family. I am one of five girls (my poor only brother!!) and I have always had very strong female role models, for example my mum, my stepmum, my aunties, my older cousin, my grandmothers and most recently my mother in law. I have been brought up to believe that women can achieve anything and that being a female should be celebrated.

I recently came into contact with a lovely lady named Laura Sale. Laura is thirty two years old and is currently battling breast cancer. She has shown tremendous bravery throughout her battle and has somehow found the time and energy to create a charity event to raise money for Breast Cancer Care despite going through an incredibly grueling and intense period of chemotherapy sessions.

Over two hundred women will be meeting on Brighton beach on Sunday 9th September to skinny dip for breast cancer. It will be a female only event with no publicity and the aim is to have women of all shapes and sizes celebrating their bodies and the wonder of the female form. Don’t worry if you’re a little nervous about showing your bits in public as Laura will be choosing a secluded part of the beach to minimise the number of people seeing.

Sadly, most of us know someone that has suffered from breast cancer at some point. This life-affirming event is in celebration of these brave and beautiful ladies. Whether you’re a size six or a size sixteen, we need to celebrate our bodies! You can run into the sea, crawl in, leap in or stumble in. You can have a swim or dash in and out quickly. Every single woman taking part will be celebrated and encouraged whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.

If this event sounds like something you are interested in then please email Laura on If you don’t want to take part but would like to sponsor the ladies involved then please visit


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