Friday, 24 August 2012

Cancer Research Ambassador Showcase: Clive Barley

Happy Friday everyone!!

A very special blog post today, about someone who has quickly become a friend and an inspiration to me. As you all know I am doing Shine for Cancer Research UK at the end of September and my inspiration for doing this is Clive Barley, my fellow Cancer Research UK Ambassador.

I first discovered Clive on Twitter and quickly realised he was a running enthusiast. I was lucky enough to meet him at the June lobby of Parliament and realised that Clive is a lovely man.

Nine years ago, Clive was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Thankfully he survived the disease and now dedicates huge chunks of his time to Cancer Research UK. Not only is he a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador, he is also a keen fundraiser and is now the “poster boy” for the “Spot Cancer Early” campaign in the North West of England.

Clive discovered he had cancer after finding blood in his stool. He was reluctant to go to the doctor at first but he did go and he was diagnosed early enough to give him the best shot at fighting the disease and winning. Clive is hoping to encourage others to know the signs and to visit their doctor if they feel something is up.

Not only is Clive doing all that, he is also busy training for the Great North Run AND was a very very enthusiastic volunteer during the recent Olympics. In fact it was Clive who got me into the Games with his enthusiasm and excitement for them.

So if you live in the North East, please do keep an eye out for posters of my lovely friend and EVERYONE should take Clive’s advice and stay vigilant when it comes to your body. It could save your live just like it saved Clive’s.

I rant and rave about how brilliant it is to be a volunteer for CRUK and meeting Clive is just one of the fantastic perks of the role. I have made a brilliant, supportive and enthusiastic friend. I hope to do more projects with Clive in the future.

Good luck with the GNR Clive!!! Xx

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