Monday, 27 August 2012

Cancer Campaigns Ambassador Showcase - Neil Ranasinghe

Happy Bank Holiday everyone! Time is just flying – can’t believe we are at the end of August and the end of summer! My favourite time of year is approaching. I absolutely love September-December – so many fun things to do.

Time for another Ambassador showcase. Today’s post features one of our funniest and most friendly ambassadors –Neil Ranasinghe.

Neil is CRUK Campaigns Ambassador for Enfield and is lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful ladies – his lovely wife and two adorable daughters.

One of Neil’s daughters was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) back in 2004 and bravely fought the disease and successfully kicked its butt after two years of treatment. The experience inspired Neil to help others in the same situation. As well as being a very proud and vocal ambassador, he is also a passionate champion of the “Little Stars” awards in which CRUK recognise the bravery shown by young cancer patients. In fact Neil’s hard work with the awards led to him, rightfully, being recognised as “Ambassador of the Year 2011” at the CRUK Flame of Hope Awards. On top of all that Neil is also part of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group and has written many thoughtful articles.

Neil is one of our funniest ambassadors. He is very witty and always knows what to say to others. He is a very strong and vocal member of our group and we are very lucky to have him. He is full of knowledge and comes up with questions that I would never think to ask.

I can’t imagine how it would feel to watch your child go through something as horrific as cancer and I am continuously amazed at how much strength Neil must have to continue to work hard for Cancer Research UK and CCLG to help other people in the same situation. That is a very special kind of courage and not everyone possesses it. After watching his daughter beat the disease, you wouldn’t blame Neil for avoiding the “C word” for the rest of his days. Instead he faces it full on with a sense of humour and a focus on beating this horrific disease.

As I mention all the time – our ambassador family is full of incredibly brave and special people – our Neil is just one of the people working hard in his spare time to make a real difference in the fight against cancer. Enfield – you’re in good hands!

To read more about the Little Stars Awards – please click here

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