Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cancer Research Annual Review Summary

Last year I posted a summary of the CRUK Annual Review to help people know where their donations are going.

I would never ask people to donate their hard earned cash if I didn’t believe in the charity 100% so I thought I would do the same this year. The annual review has been released and can be found in it’s entirety at  but here is a summary for you today :)


Cancer Research UK funded 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK as they research cures and treatments for over 200 types of cancer. This research has led to some incredible breakthroughs and cancer survival rates are improving constantly. For example 2/3 children diagnosed with brain tumours will survive beyond 10 years after their diagnosis thanks to this research.

£351million was spent by CRUK on research in the UK.

£132million was spent on research that underpins all cancer types

£34million was spent on cervical, kidney, stomach, testicular and 100 other cancer types

£37million was spent on breast cancer

£33million was spent on bowel cancer

£21million was spent on leukaemia

£18million was spent on skin cancer

£17million was spent on prostate cancer

£16million was spent on lung cancer

£8million was spent on non-hodgkins lymphoma

£6million was spent on oesophageal cancer

£6million was spent on pancreatic cancer

£6million was spent on brain cancer

£5million was spent on bladder cancer


£21million was spent on providing information for cancer sufferers and their loved ones as well as raising awareness of risks and symptoms and influencing health policy.


80p out of every £1 donated was made available for funding research and the remaining 20p was used to raise funds for the future. This is a staggering amount and one of the best ratios in the charity sector as far as I am aware.


9/10 donations that made up these totals was £10 or less so every penny really does count. That £1 you put in a collection tin or the £2 you sponsor every month makes a huge huge difference to the charity and their research every year.




*55,000 Dryathletes raised over £5million by going booze free in January 2014

*600,000 people took part in events and walked, ran, swan or cycled their way to raising vital funds

*£45million has now been pledged for the Francis Crick Institute which will house 1,200 scientists researching cures and treatments for cancer

*£100million was raised through regular donations

*2 million people raised over £7million by posting their no make up selfie online and donating money

*65,000 people visited the Cancer Awareness Roadshow to learn more about how healthy lifestyle choices can reduce their cancer risk

*11,000 people were helped by the cancer specialist nurses helpline

*3.5million bags of various items were donated to CRUK shops to sell to raise funds

*16million people visited CancerHelp UK to gain more information

*33,000 cancer patients joined clinical trials.


There was thing in particular that astounded me:

40,000 volunteers gave up 7million hours of time collectively to help Cancer Research UK. I am beyond proud to call some of them my friends and to include myself in this incredible and inspiring group of people. AMAZING!



These figures are absolutely amazing. I genuinely do believe that cures for many cancer types will be found during my lifetime thanks to all the amazing people doing so much to make sure that happens. From the person putting 20p in a collection tin, to someone running Race for Life, to a scientist working in a lab to a patient on a clinical trial – together everyone is playing a part in the much bigger picture and that is something really special.


If you have any questions about any of these figures then please check the CRUK. Make sure you read the full annual review in the link above if you can as it is really interesting and includes something from my lovely friend Gower Tan!


If you would like to get more involved with the charity then please visit the website to find out more


What we've acheived in the past year - 2013/14


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