Thursday, 13 September 2012

Collective Force

Cancer Research UK want to know who your heroes are so they can form part of Cancer Research UK's Collective Force.

I'll get the ball rolling by revealing mine here:

My cancer heroes:
*The six relatives I have lost to the disease but who fought so bravely against it: Dada Sotiris, Nouna Gina, Auntie Eleni, Yiayia Alexandra, Buppou Peter and my beautiful Georgie

*My dad George, My Uncle Chris, my Dada Panik, my Auntie Irene and my cousins Despina and Louis who have lost hugely important people but manage to cope with their grief with bravery and dignity.

*My Buppou George who beat the disease

*My lovely friend Stuart Pilcher who kicked cancers arse

*My beautiful friend Rochelle Bugg and her sisters Hannah and Olivia who looked after their patents before losing them both. Bravest girl I know

*My beautiful friend Dawn Green who fights the disease like a warrior every time it tries to get her

*My fellow campaigns ambassadors who continue to inspire me everyday, especially David Collins, my unofficial mentor

*The amazing volunteers such as Nancy Scott who dedicate so much time to the cause

*The brilliant staff at CRUK who do such a brilliant job all the time

*Every single cancer patient, cancer victim and loved one that has lost someone or supported someone through this horrific disease

You're all my #CollectiveForce

Share yours with CRUK on twitter or on Facebook - let the people that inspire you know that they do :) xxxx

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