Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy Birthday Auntie Eleni

I was speaking to my dad earlier and he pointed out that today should be my auntie Eleni's 44th birthday. 

She died at a very young age so it's hard for me to imagine her as a forty something. I like to think she'd be happily married and she would have some children who would have been my cousins and friends. She was a hairdresser so I like to picture her with her own salon.

I have my aunts old bus pass at home and it still has her last travelcard inside dated 1998. In front of that is a photo of myself, my sister Nikki and my cousin Alex. It makes me cry everytime I open it because it just shows what an incredible aunt she was. 

The saying goes that only an auntie can love you like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend. This is true. My auntie Eleni was devoted to get nieces and nephews. 

As always I find myself wishing I could spend the day with my dad, a man who has to bear the loss of his little sister every day. 

I am lucky enough to have inherited my aunt's curly hair and I have exactly the same laugh as her so she is always a part of me.

Miss you everyday Aunty Eleni,  Happy Birthday xxx

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