Friday, 28 November 2014

Justice for Michael Mina x

I love my family very much, I think that's obvious to all that know me. But I also have close friends, whom I treat like family, and they mean the absolute world to me too. Almost 2 weeks ago someone I consider my aunt lost her nephew/godson in a horrific way. 

Michael Mina was 22 years old and was stabbed in the neck by a 17 year old who had more then 50 criminal offences to his name. The attack was savage and has left Michael's family suffering the agony of his loss and knowing it could have been prevented if this criminal had been in a youth detention centre. 

The Mina family are lovely lovely people. I've grown up with them and can honestly say you'd be hard pressed to find more decent and loving people. The fact that the church was absolutely packed during Michael's funeral is proof that he and his family are loved by many. 

Somehow Michael's family have found the strength within themselves to use their loss and their grief to try and ensure this tragedy doesn't happen to anyone else. Amongst other things they have a petition online to ask the Cyprus government to take action and put things in place for young criminals in this country. It's a hugely important campaign that needs your support. 

Please have click the link, read the information and sign the petition to support this amazing family on their quest for justice for Michael.

The Christofi family are fully behind you guys, so much love for you all xxx

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