Friday, 16 August 2013

Macmillan Campaigns: Sign the Petitions!

Happy Friday one and all! 

My blog has been full of information about Macmillan this week and I wanted to finish by highlighting a petition they are currently running within their campaigning team! 

Challenging the Caring Crisis:
As a family member that provided support to family members whilst they dealt with cancer, I assure you that cancer is an issue that affects the whole family. It is so important to make sure people don’t face their diagnosis and treatment alone. However, looking after someone with cancer is a tough thing to do and many carers are unaware of the support that is available for them.

There are around a million people in England who look after a loved one with cancer. Around 47% of those people feel as though they do not get enough support to enable them to do this well and only 5% are given a carers assessment by their local authority which then allows them access to this vital support.

The governments Care Bill allows Macmillan a chance to address these issues and make life easier for carers and in turn, those they look after. Macmillan need 5,000 people to sign their petition to support them in their quest to get the government to do all they can to tackle the issues with carers and their support.

Please click the link below to support this cause and sign the petition. Visit the Macmillan website for more information!

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