Friday, 2 August 2013

Laura Sale - Leap for Love 2013

I was lucky enough to meet Laura Sale last year. Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Her treatment will finish in September this year and I’m really glad to hear she is doing well and will soon be free from life as a cancer patient. The incredible thing about Laura is she hasn’t just been sitting around feeling sorry for herself, she has brushed herself off and decided to use her cancer diagnosis as a blessing in a roundabout sort of way – she says  “it makes you realise how wonderful life and be and how important it is to live it to the full!”.

Laura held a female only fundraising event “Leap for Love” last year to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Around ninety women of all shapes, ages and sizes gathered on Brighton Beach to take part in a mass skinny dip to raise money for charity. It was a huge success and Laura has decided to repeat the event again this year to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Laura says:
“Leap for Love is an event for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. It’s for the body beautiful and the body shy, whether you love your wobbly bits or aren’t too keen; if you dare to bare all, you won’t be alone. Our wish is for women to join together and celebrate their bodies in a comfortable and secure environment, so we will do our very best to minimise public interest and publicity. So whether you run, leap, or stumble into the sea; take a swim or a quick dip, whip your clothes off bold as brass or run for cover under the biggest wave, please help us gather as many women together to Leap for Love and raise funds for Cancer Research UK

If you are female and wish to take part in this hugely uplifting and amazing event then please click the link to sign up! It’s in a secluded area and everyone will be in the same boat so please don’t feel self conscious – this is all about celebrating the incredible female body and all the different shapes it comes in!

If you don’t feel you would like to skinny dip but wish to support Laura and her incredible event then please follow this link! 

I have been inspired by Laura and how incredibly brave she is so I will be taking part in the event, I hope to see as many of you as possible there!


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