Friday, 9 November 2012

Miss London City and Miss Essex 2013

Happy Friday one and all!

I have mentioned my friend Fay Hill on this blog before -

She is a lovely girl, and a very recent newlywed! She now runs Miss London City and Miss Essex and I want to put the details up here in case any of my readers are potential representatives for London and Essex!

Miss London City and Miss Essex are both prestigious heats for Miss England. The winners of both titles will go on to represent their regional at Miss England 2013 and the winner of Miss England goes on to represent her country at Miss World.

I know there are some people that are highly against “beauty pageants” but I want to point out that these events are about so much more then beauty. Plenty of the girls entering are university educated and many of them of prolific charitable fundraisers.  It is about so much more then beauty – it’s about being a well rounded individual with a brilliant personality.

Rissikat Bade was Fay’s first Miss London finding and was crowned in 2011. Rissikate went on to become the most publicised Miss England contestant so far and came a very close second in Miss England despite never having entered a pageant before. It is also worth noting that Rissikat combines her modelling with a law degree and is a very intelligent and hardworking young girl. You may have seen her on Britain’s Next Top Model 2012. The current Miss England, Amy Willerton, is very keen on charity work and supports many charities including antibullying support and Beauty with a Purpose.

Fay is the best mentor a wannabe contestant could ever want. I speak from experience as she was my mentor when I was younger, she gave me work experience when I first left school and offered me guidance and support, especially whilst Georgie was ill. As I mentioned in my previous blog post – Fay is all about girl power and building up women, something I feel is desperately important in this day and age.

If you would like to enter Miss London City, or Miss Essex 2013, then please make sure you fit the following critea:
  • Contestants must never have been married, not pregnant and must not have had a child.
  • Must be aged between 17-24 years on the 30th December 2012
  • There must be nothing in the contestant's background that could bring the Miss London, Miss England or Miss World contest, PR or its sponsors in to disrepute
  • Contestants must not have posed topless or nude for photographs
  • The contestants must live in the UK and hold a full British passport
  • Contestants must not have previously held a national or international title
  • Contestants must live, work or study in London and have a London-based home address

You will then need to email Fay at with three recent photos of yourself, your stats, your London address, your date of birth and a contact number.

Just to let you know, Miss London City is being sponsored by UK Model Folios, Fay’s hugely successful company. Amy Willerton, Miss London 2012, won a huge array of fabulous prizes thanks to the sponsors including a top of the range Mini Cooper. She also has a beautiful calendar that was shot in Thailand by legendary photographer Alan Strutt and she also attends brilliant events such as the Skyfall premiere (not that I’m jealous that she got to breathe the same air as Daniel Craig or anything!!)

If you want to know more about any of this then you can read about this in more detail here: and the Facebook fanpage You can laos follow Fay on Twitter at @UKModelFolios

Let me know if you do decide to enter, I wish you the best of luck and can guarantee you will have an amazing time!


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