Thursday, 8 December 2016

Cheer All Through The Year 2017!

Following on from the amazing success of Christmas Cheer 2016, I have decided to create a whole year of cheer for 2017. This is partly inspired by my friends, Luke and Faye, who do amazing fundraising events all year around for The Veronica Claxton Memorial Fund.

So, every month we will fundraise for one or two causes. Sometimes these causes will be linked to a specific campaign or awareness month, and sometimes they will just be because someone has suggested them or they are in the news. We will have fundraising pages open during that month and will aim to raise as much money as possible for those causes. The aim is to raise 5,000GBP by the end of the year for these causes combined and really make a difference to some deserving people in 2017.

As previously mentioned, 2016 has been a crazy year for the World. I know many people are feeling disheartened and worried about what lies ahead for us all. I was inspired to do some fundraising as a way to show people there is still good in the world and that the power does not lie with the people in charge, but it lies with us, the general public. Citizens. If we show kindness and understanding to each other then we can make the world a nicer, safer place for people around us. Little by little.

I firmly believe in volunteering. I was twenty one when I started and it changed my life. It gave me an outlet for my creativity. It developed my compassion and made me realise how fortunate I am. It gave me a circle of friends who share my interests and inspire me on a daily basis. It helps me make a real difference to the world around me.

I realise people have very busy lives and do not always have time to donate, so the idea of this is there is not much time required, I will do the work required! We will have raffles, events etc…. Or sometimes I will simply ask for donations.

If you have a cause you would like to include in this then please let me know, via email ( or by the contact form on this site. If you have an event planned, or are taking part in an event next year and would like to be part of the team, please also let me know!

More Information to Follow Soon!! 

:) xx

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