Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Veronica Claxton Memorial Fund

It's very rare to come across truly humble and charitable people yet I seem to find my world filled with many. It's even more rare to come across people as amazing, motivated and truly inspiring Luke Claxton and Faye Dean. 

Luke's mum Veronica sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 50 in 2008. Since then the couple have tirelessly raised money to donate to the hospice that looked after Veronica as well as CLIC Sargent. They have raised a phenomenal amount of money in the last few years, but rather then rest of their laurels they have set themselves an even bigger target - Target £50k

I'm going to use Luke's own words here to explain exactly what they are trying to achieve:
"There is no one single event to sponsor somebody for. Just lots and lots of fun mass attended events and challenges we can all enjoy and get involved with and the money will all come back to this page, your friends and family can sponsor you here or maybe one day you will be feeling generous and just fancy donating £5 for absolutely no reason at all.

The Veronica Claxton memorial fund has been raising money for various good causes both locally and nationally since the summer of 2009 and our current fundraising efforts before this page launched stood at around £71,500. But now we go again. 

In May this year I launched a challenge for us all called Target 10K, this saw us, through various well attended events attempt to raise £10,000 between May 18th and July 18th, in just 61 days we managed to raise an amazing £14,556 due to the fantastic friends and family who continue to support us. 

Their enthusiasm has brought me to launch this latest challenge you have come to today, Target 50K. The challenge being to raise £50,000 for CLIC Sargent children with cancer, a wonderful charity helping to support children and young people with Cancer and their families as much as they can to the maximum they can. Currently CLIC are able to help 2 out of every 3 young person or child with cancer and obviously the aim is for them to one day help everybody who needs them. CLIC Sargent help people up to aged 24 so the money they raise is being used for such a wide range of people. 

Target 50K has no time limits and no pressure on any of us, it's just a place and a page for us all to come to and a target to work towards for as long as it takes. The momentum and support we have gained over the last few years leaves me in little doubt that £50,000 will come and go within a few years without question.

There is no one single event, just numerous fun mass attended events for us all to enjoy, already within the next year we have various events planned such as 
- A 1400 mile London to Lapland bike ride at Christmas
- A cycle ride around all the football stadiums in London
- A team heading for the huge 100km London to Brighton challenge  
- A team taking on the Three peaks challenge 

Plus all our usual events including our annual 120 man golf day, marathon football matches, quizzes, dream teams and supermarket bag packs alongside our regular and hugely popular football mornings with some local youngsters. The calendar is getting very full with people also opting to do their own challenges such as a weekend double marathon and a 5km swim, even the tiniest challenge like a weight loss or the 4 month growing of a beard can add some much needed vital funds to our page. Whatever you wish to do we would love to have you on board.

But the most crucial part of this page could be my "Coppers 4 Cancer" money pots which have now been manufactured and will form a crucial regular income to this page and are available to anyone who would like one. The idea being you can keep this money pot wherever you wish, be it work,the car or at home and just pop any unwanted small change into it and every now and then empty it and donate it to this page as often as you like. Please get in touch if you would like one of our pots.

So that's our story, a continuation and growth of what we have been doing and we would love to have you on board."

Please take a look at the website, take part in an event or simply donate any spare change you have. My family personally benefitted from the amazing work CLIC Sargent do for children with cancer and donations are crucial to them being able to do this. Luke and Faye are truly wonderful people and I have no doubt they will hit their target and go way beyond it!! The news is constantly filled with stories of human beings being truly evil to each other and it's so important that people like this lovely couple are celebrated and supported to remind us that there are still amazing people in this world trying to make it a better place for us all. I'm very proud to be able to call Luke a friend and support him as he and Faye continue to achieve such brilliant things in the name of charity. 

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