Friday, 27 July 2012

Georgie's 19th Birthday

Tomorrow is Georgie’s 19th Birthday. Instead of spending the day celebrating the fact that my wonderful cousin is approaching the end of his teens, our family will be spending the day without him.

Everyday is hard without Georgie but days like tomorrow just highlight the massive hole he has left in our lives.

It’s no secret that I loved my cousin very much. I still do. I miss him all the time. This blog and the work I do with Cancer Research UK have enabled me to keep him close to my everyday life. I still talk about him all the time and I still think about him all the time.

I’m not sure about what happens when we die. I like to think Georgie is sitting somewhere with his mum, munching on a huge plate of chicken drumsticks and all the other food he loved. I very much hope he can see us all. I hope he is at peace and free from pain.

I am eternally proud to have had such an amazing cousin. He was intelligent, kind, loving, funny and so much fun to be around. He was also incredibly brave. My heart swells with pride whenever I see his friends continue to write notes on his Facebook page. I’m always told such wonderful things about him. He is very much missed by all that knew him. He made a huge impact on people’s lives, which is incredible  for a seventeen year old. He made his mark on the world and he continues to do so with the amazing work his dad does in his memory. Georgie also lives on in the work I do which is all dedicated to him and the amazing impact he had on my life. He is my inspiration. I can only hope to be half as incredible as he was.

Happy Birthday Georgie. Forever seventeen.

Love you xxxxxxx

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